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 Rules and Regulations


Macroeconomics Course Outline


Please use your textbook, problem sets, review packs, and website  when studying for your test/exam.

AP EXAM: Thursday, May 15th @ 8 am


1. Companion website: 

Link to macroeconomic practice questions


1.  Principles of Economics Mankiw
2. CollegeBoard AP Central
3. AP Macroeconomics Student Activities

Supplies: 3 Ring Binder, tissue, paper towels/lysol wipes

I.Power Points

Unit 1: Basic Economic Concepts

Unit 2: Measuring Economic Performance
Unit 3: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Unit 4: Money Monetary Policy and Economic Stability
Unit 5: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Combinations
Unit 6: International Economics

Chapter 1 Powerpoint
Chapter 2 Powerpoint
Chapter 3 Powerpoint
Chapter 4 Powerpoint
Chapter 5 Powerpoint
Chapter 23 Powerpoint
Chapter 24 Powerpoint
Chapter 25 Powerpoint
Chapter 26 powerpoint
Chapter 27 powerpoint
Chapter 28 Powerpoint
Chapter 29 Powerpoint
Chapter 30 Powerpoint
Chapter 31 Powerpoint
Chapter 32 Powerpoint
Chapter 33 Powerpoint
Chapter 34 Powerpoint

II. Notes
 PPC and Trade: Chapters 2 and 3
Comparative Advantage examples

Chapter 4 notes/graphs
Chapter 4 notes part II
Chapter 23 GDP
Chapter 24 Price Index and Inflation
Chapter 28: Unemployment
Business Cycle
Financial System, Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Graphs and Formulas


1.Chapters 1-3: Basic Economic  Concepts
2. Chapter 4 Supply and Demand

3. Chapter 23 Measuring a Nation's Income
4. Chapters 25 26 27 28: Unemployment Growth and Financial Institutions 
5. Chapters 29 and 30: Money and Prices in the Long Run
6. Chapters 30 and 31:open Market Economy

AP Psychology

Psychology Course outline  

Companion website--Myers ?

Personality Test

Once you get your results go to the to interpret your results.

*****If you signed up to take AP Psychology for the 2013-2014 school year, please purchase Oliver Sack's The Man Who Mistook HIs Wife for a Hat. If you want to do your book review over the summer, the book review format and book review rubric are available by clicking the links below.  The book reviews will be due Dec. 1, 2013.*************
All book reviews must have a rubric attached to the back of the paper.  I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU READ THE BOOK THIS SUMMER*******
In the Spring we will read Gavin deBecker's Gift of Fear.  The due date for this book report is TBA.

Supplies: 500 3x5 index cards, 3 ring binder, tissue, paper towels or lysol wipes.

AP EXAM: Monday, May 5th @ 12 pm

How to Write a Book Review
Book Review Format
Book Review Rubric 

Review terms and scientists
Review Packet zip file

Research Project Rubric


Prologue and Chapter 1: History and Research
Neuroscience: Chapter 2
Nature/Nuture: Chapter 3
Developmental Psychology: Chapter 4
Sensation, Perception and Conciousness: Chapters 5,6,7
Chapter 8: Learning
Chapter 9 : Memory
Chapter 10: Language and Thinking

Chapter 11: Intelligence